Our Privacy Policy

How we collect information ?

We only collect information which it's is necessary, in order to use our website or service. e.g Email, Name, Company Name, Website, Location etc but we may collect additional personal information if required.

Information is collected when you

  • visit our website, by Google Analytics Tool (used for tracking)
  • Register or Post a Job Offer, on our website, by our application
  • Activate a Job offer, by paypal, which handles our financial transactions

How we use your information ?

we use it only for the services related to you. We DO NOT sell your email or name or any personal details to someone.

When we share your information ?

We do not share any of your personal details with someone. Your email address may be used as a contact address on your profile, but only to the registered users. When you post a Job offer then the job details and your company details are sent only to the approved developers.

How we store your information ?

We store login/registration details in our database. The password is not stored anywhere, instead a salted-hash is stored in our database column. (which is generated through a one way algorithm, so no can get your password- no matter what!)

Information are stored as long as you want, when you delete/cancel your account, all your information will be permanently deleted from our database

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For any queries, contact us at : hello@railyo.com

Last updated on Dec 25, 2012.