Amit Patel

10 years of Programming experience in Java and 3+ years in Ruby on Rails.
Strong experience in XP and Agile Practices.
Expertise in Designing and Architecting Software Applications.
Expertise in Application Integration with various proprietary and open services.
Experience in Unit Testing, Functional Testing and Integration Testing of systems.

Programming Languages : Ruby 1.9.3, Java 6.0, Javascript
Frameworks : Rails 3.2, Spring 3.2, Hibernate 4.1 jQuery 1.8
Servers : WEBRick, Thin, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Oracle AS
Operating Systems : Ubuntu 12.10
Deployment Environments : Engine Yard, Heroku
Databases : Postgres, MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle 8i
Tools : RubyMine, Git, Eclipse 3.6, SVN
Ruby Gems : OmniAuth, Devise, AuthLogic, CanCan, CarrierWave, PaperClip
Kaminari, Koala, AWS, Redis, SunSpot_Solr, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
and more.