Sergio Tapia

SEEKING WORK - Remote - US ex-pat living in Bolivia

I'm a C#/Ruby/PHP developer that specializes in creating web applications that are responsive, fast and hand crafted. I write all of my HTML by hand and don't use WYSIWYG tools in none of my projects. I love writing semantic, lean websites that run exceptionally well on mobile devices.

My github:
My bitbucket:

I specialize in:

1. C# - ASP.Net MVC3/4 Web Applications
2. Ruby on Rails
3. Ruby scripting
4. PHP web applications using CakePHP 2.X

I speak English and Spanish fluently and have tons of experience working with remote clients. 

I'm a family man of two small children, I'm looking for a stable outsourcing project that lets me work with smart people from around the world. I'm personable, friendly and not a "rockstar-programmer" - I'm here to make your job easier.