About Railyo

Railyo is a Job board for Ruby on Rails Developers. It's a private Job board where only high quality Rails developers are accepted. So if you're looking for a Rails developer, then you can find a good one in no time. On the other hand, If you're a Rails developer, then you can register here to get some quality work (freelancing, consulting, part-time or full-time).

About Founder


Ramesh Jha is a full stack web developer/freelancer and Inbound Marketing Expert (blogging, SEO, and more). He also blogs about free and open source software, tools, frameworks, and more.

He also does consulting, so if you have an idea for a web application he can help you in building MVP or getting customers online (Inbound Marketing/SEO). Contact him at: ramesh[at]rameshjha.com

Visit his blog : http://rameshjha.com (personal blog), http://blog.sudobits.com (blog about free and open source stuffs)

Some other websites he built for fun/profit! (using Sinatra/Ruby/Rails)

His favorite programming languages/tools/frameworks/platform include: Ruby, Sinatra, Ruby On Rails, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Compass, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap / Foundation, Susy, Bash, GNU/Linux distributions such as Ubuntu.

He also loves - listening music (classic Hindi songs, especially - Kishore Kumar, Heavy Metal, Mozart), watching comedy movies and sitcoms (The Big Bang Theory, Threes Company, Jerry Seinfeld and more) and doing absolutely nothing - meditating (vipassana).