About Railyo

Railyo is a private job board for Ruby on Rails Developers. We review every developer who wants to be added to our database to ensure that only active developers are part of our network. If you are an employer looking for a Rails developer, you will find ample applicants in our database of over X developers. If you are a Rails developer looking for part-time, full-time, consulting or in-house opportunities, then you can register and opt-in to our employer notifications.


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Twitter describes Michael as a Ruby on Rails and Ember.js programmer who loves working with healthcare and scientific companies. He's a husband and father who enjoys traveling, being outside, building businesses and the company of yellow labrador retrievers.

Michael works for Echobind, a consultancy that helps companies build beautiful web applications powered by bulletproof code. Client projects include work around designing and developing APIs, staff augmentation, rewriting code bases from scratch, profiling and optimizing applications, building MVPs, and creating dozens and dozens of internal tools to help clients understand their business metrics.